Industrial Activities

Industrial And Warehousing Units

Nafed Seed and Bio - Fertilizer Division, Indore

The products of NAFED Bio-Fertilizer, Indore viz , Rhizobium, Azotobactor and PSB continued enjoying the popularity amongst the farming community of India during the year 2017-18 also despite the prevalent cut-throat competition in the trade. The item PSB manufactured by the Unit enhances the effectiveness of expensive chemical fertilizers like Single Super Phosphate and DAP, has excellent market potential. Being organic fertilizer and soil friendly, it also enhances soil fertility and ultimately productivity.

The NBF products are marketed through branches /centers located at various places to facilitate proper and timely distribution to the buyers in different parts of the country. The NAFED Bio-Fertilizer has also started the production and marketing of liquid Bio-Fertilizers and other items required for the farming community. The Bio-Fertilizer unit is facilitating the farmers to improve their productivity as well as quality of their products to greater extent.

Nafed Bio-Fertilizer, Indore achieved a turnover of  during the year 2017-18 was to the tune of Rs.97.69 Lakh.

Cold Storage, Delhi

Cold Storage located at Lawrence Road, Delhi generated earnings of Rs. 85.48 Lakh in the year 2017-18.

Nafed Warehousing & Processing Industries, Vashi

This unit is utilized for storage of agricultural commodities. A part of this Complex is being used as bonded Warehouses by the Department of Customs. One cold storage is located in the complex. The total income generated by this Unit by way of rental income for the warehousing activities during the year 2017-18 was of the order of Rs. 251.27 Lakh.

Nafed Pre - cooling and Cold Storage, Pimpalgaon, Nasik

This unit has been set up to undertake grading, processing and cold storage facilities of Grapes for exports as well for domestic market. The total income generated during the year 2017-18 was Rs. 31.11 Lakh.


Project & Property

Nafed owns 17 freehold and 25 leasehold properties in the form of office premises, godowns, industrial units, plots, onion storage structure, cold storages as well as residential in different parts of the country.

In addition to use these properties in the form of office premises, industrial units, godowns, etc. most of the vacant properties have been rented / leased which resulted in annual revenue generation of Rs. 7,40,87.705 Crore during the year 2017-18.